"Maitri Jalpan Grah" is a lively place providing canteen & shopping facility within the campus for students & staff. It has been a wonderful journey for the University canteen. Prices are nominal, quality food is served and proper hygiene is maintained. Every effort is made to see that the food items remain untouched until the consumer picks it up for eating. The cafeteria is an attraction for relaxation and for enjoying snacks. The snacks are provided through an arrangement with a renowned baker. Students and staff enjoy samosa, veg roll, veg puffs, bread-pakora, pattise and pastries along with in-house noodles and chat varieties like tikki, pani-puri etc. The canteen also stocks bottled drinks like Appy, Frooty, along with pre-packed snacks of a wide range of biscuits and chips. The canteen is good enough for students to avoid purchases from outside the University premises. They have a wider variety of fresh fruit juices, milk shakes and breakfast menu.
We, IFTM University, believe that improvement is a continous process. Complaints and suggestions (if any) are always welcome from the students and staff for the improvement in stock and service.

"To a man with an empty stomach food is God"
Mahatma Gandhi