Talent Hunt Programme: Abhivyakti 2.0
Extra Curricular2024-02-27
Celebration of National Science Day on the Theme: Indigenous Technologies for Viksit Bharat
Extra Curricular2024-02-21
Expert Talk on Process of Innovation, Development, Technology Readiness Level, Commercialization of Lab Technologies and Tech Transfer
Extra Curricular2024-02-12
Blood Donation Camp
Extra Curricular2024-02-09
Facilitation of Ms. Kirti Sagar
Extra Curricular2024-01-16
Online Quiz competition on National Startup Day
Extra Curricular2024-01-12
Quiz competition on National Youth Day
Extra Curricular2023-12-29
Rock n Roll: A get-together party
Extra Curricular2023-12-28
Rangoli & Poster making Competition on Sadak Suraksha Pakhwada 2023
Extra Curricular2023-12-22
Session on Women Empowerment Career Opportunities in Civil Services
Extra Curricular2023-12-18
Eye Checkup Camp
Extra Curricular2023-12-14
Poster Making Competition on National Energy Conservation Day
ICSSR Sponsored National Seminar on G20
Extra Curricular2023-12-08
Guest Lecture on International Human Rights Day
Extra Curricular2023-12-02
Celebration of National Pollution Control Day
Extra Curricular2023-12-01
Hodge Podge - A Get Together Party
Extra Curricular2023-11-24
Blood Donation Camp on 62th National Pharmacy Week 2023
Extra Curricular2023-11-22
Career Guidance Session
Extra Curricular2023-11-20
5 Days Training Program
Extra Curricular2023-11-11
A Session to Celebrate National Education Day
Extra Curricular2023-11-10
Diwali Meet-Saga of Joy and Light
Extra Curricular2023-11-09
Quiz Competition on National Entrepreneurship Day
Extra Curricular2023-10-31
Celebrating Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Birth Anniversary
Extra Curricular2023-10-25
Legal Aid Camp in Pallupura Ghoshi
Extra Curricular2023-10-25
Rally on Strengthening Our Campus Community: Say No to Ragging
Extra Curricular2023-10-20
Poster making competition on Naari Shakti
Extra Curricular2023-10-20
HAQ KI BAAT 2.0 : An Interactive Session Under Mission Shakti - Phase 4
Extra Curricular2023-10-20
War of Words-The Intra Departmental Debate Competition 2023
Extra Curricular2023-10-19
Awareness Programme on Hygiene and Sanitation
Extra Curricular2023-10-11
Rabi Krishak Goshthi
Extra Curricular2023-10-10
Celebration of World Mental Health Day
National Seminar on G20 Summit in India: Challenges and Prospects
Extra Curricular2023-10-05
Essay writing Competition on Conservation of Wildlife Species
Extra Curricular2023-10-04
A Quiz Competition on the topic: Applications of Chemistry in Day-to-Day Activities
Extra Curricular2023-10-02
Online Quiz Competition on Gandhi Jayanti
Extra Curricular2023-09-27
Rangoli Competition on World Tourism Day 2023
Angdan Mahadaan on World Pharmacists Day 2023
Extra Curricular2023-09-20
Online Quiz Competition
Extra Curricular2023-09-17
Vishwakarma Puja
Extra Curricular2023-09-17
Celebration of National Pharmacovigilance Week
Extra Curricular2023-09-15
Poster Making competition on Engineer\'s Day
Extra Curricular2023-09-15
Awareness Program on Ozone Day
Poetry Reading competition on Hindi Diwas
Extra Curricular2023-09-14
Essay Competition on Hindi Diwas
Extra Curricular2023-09-08
Online Quiz Competition on Gravity Day
Extra Curricular2023-09-05
Chandrayaan Utsav
Extra Curricular2023-09-05
Teachers Day Celebration 2023
Extra Curricular2023-08-31
Session on Accelerators/Incubation - Opportunities for Students & Faculties - Early Stage Entrepreneurs
Extra Curricular2023-08-30
Session on Angel Investment/VC Funding Opportunity for Early Stage Entrepreneurs
Extra Curricular2023-08-29
Learn Startup & Minimum Viable Product/Business Mentoring Session
Extra Curricular2023-08-29
Marathon Run for Unity on National Sports Day
Extra Curricular2023-08-29
An Awareness Programme on Eye Donation
Extra Curricular2023-08-28
Session on Innovative/Prototype Validation- Converting Innovation into a Start-up
Extra Curricular2023-08-21
Session on Journey of a Successful Entrepreneur
Extra Curricular2023-08-21
Online Quiz competition on World Entrepreneurship Day
Extra Curricular2023-08-18
Mehandi Competition
Extra Curricular2023-08-18
Fostering a Culture of Respect and Inclusivity in Educational Institutions: Strategies to Eliminate Ragging
Extra Curricular2023-08-18
Mehandi Design Competition 2023
Extra Curricular2023-07-16
Plantation Drive on ICAR foundation day
Extra Curricular2023-06-05
Plantation Drive on World Environment Day