The network backbone is designed with dedicated Fiber Optics cable and the internal network is equipped with Universal Threat Management system by Gajshield. A dedicated 1 GBPS internet main line supports the academic infrastructure round the clock and provide access to the resources on the Internet. The academic blocks of the University are internally connected through Wi-Fi as well as wired LAN.
The hostels are connected to the academic blocks through OFC. The hostels also have 24 X 7 network access through Wi-Fi. Both the academic blocks and the hostel area use secured Wi-Fi connectivity. The students and faculty of the university have a direct access to the internet services through a Wi-Fi, wireless network and also have access to e-books, study materials, previous question papers, teaching schedules, ERP system, attendance, daily circulars, University website etc. through the college internet.
The entire network is behind firewall and all the traffic is scanned at the gateway level for threats and viruses. The internet connectivity has been provided to all the employees living inside the campus staff quarters. The staff from their residence & students from hostels are accessing 24 X 7 the Internet through WIFI connections or through LAN without any recurring cost. The hostel students and research scholars utilize the benefit of net lab during the evening hours. To stay advanced and provide students with the best of the latest services, the University campus has gone Wi-Fi, enabling students to access the internet through the wireless router, anytime and anywhere in the campus. In addition, the visitors at IFTM University can also enjoy the flexibility to access web and exchange resourceful information from anywhere within the campus using their wireless devices.