Activities @ IFTM University

DatesName of ProgrammeMore Info (If Any)
February, 2021
16-02-2021Maa Saraswati Puja
16-02-2021Webinar on Women in the Indian Entrepreneurial Scenario by BIMTECH- Atal Incubation Centre and IFTM UNIVERSITY as an Academic Partner.
15-02-2021कविता लेखन प्रतियोगिता
15-02-2021Saksharta Abhiyan Distribution of School Essentials
13-02-2021Webinar on Telecommunication Beyond Calling
12-02-2021Webinar on Online Teaching – Approaches & Pedagogies
12-02-2021Webinar on Advance Teaching Techniques
12-02-2021Industrial Visit at NITRA Technical Campus (Ghaziabad) UP
12-02-2021National Webinar: Toxic E - Waste: An Emerging Threat To The Environment And Human Health
12-02-2021Guest Lecture on “Women Empowerment and Leadership”
10-02-2021Seminar on Importance of Time management
06-02-2021Webinar on “Emerging Trends in IT: Cloud Computing and IOT
06-02-2021Training Programme on Behavior and Communication for nonteaching staff
05-02-2021Career Counselling Session On Career in Biological Sciences
05-02-2021Group discussion (GD) on TABLEAU Vs ALTERYX
05-02-2021FDP on Facilitation of Learning in Higher Education.
05-02-2021Importance of Electure Plans During Covid19 Era
04-02-2021International Webinar: Artificial Intelligence in Biotechnology
04-02-2021Training programme on MS Excel for NonTeaching Staff
03-02-2021Application Writing
02-02-2021Webinar on Applications of Remote Sensing in Natural Resources
02-02-2021Session on Identification Of Functional Single Nucleotide Polymorphism In Abca4 Gene A Computational Approach
01-02-2021Guest Lecture on Touch Leprosy Awareness Campaign
January, 2021
26-01-2021Republic Day
25-01-2021Webinar on Uttar Pradesh Diwas (2021) on Topic Atmnirbhar Uttar Pradesh ka aadhar Swadeshi Navachar
25-01-2021GK quiz on UP Foundation Day
25-01-2021Voters day 2021
25-01-2021आत्मनिर्भर उत्तरप्रदेश का आधार स्वदेशी नवाचार पर राष्ट्रीय वेबिनार
23-01-2021Slogan Writing and Poster Making Competition on “Empowering Girls for a Brighter Tomorrow”
23-01-2021125th birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose (Online)
23-01-2021Workshop on Bringing Research and Technology together
21-01-2021National Road Safety Month 2021
21-01-2021Faculty Development Programme on Bioinformatics Applications and Tool
18-01-2021Webinar on Significance of Human Values and Professional Ethics in HEI
18-01-2021U-14 DISTRICT CRICKET TOURNAMENT (Hosted by IFTM University)
16-01-2021बाल साहित्य उपयोगिता पर निबंध और कहानी लेखन प्रतियोगिता
12-01-2021National Webinar and Quiz Competition on National Youth Day
11-01-2021"MIND MANIA" - The Intra Departmental Online Business Quiz Competition 2020
09-01-2021National Webinar on Approaches in drug discovery
08-01-2021Role of Communication in Life Strategy for Success
06-01-2021Technical Online Quiz ( Data Structure DBMS OS)
05-01-2021Training Programme on Introduction to IIOT
04-01-2021Programme on Importance of Girls Education under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign
December, 2020
28-12-2020A Training Programme on MATLAB Programming
23-12-2020Expert Lecture on Kisan Divas
23-12-2020Webinar on Tech Talk
23-12-2020Expert Lecture on Kisan Divas on Topic Vartman Paripeksh Me Bhartiya Krishi Ki Samasyaein Evam Samadhan
22-12-2020 Quiz Competition on Ramanujan Day
22-12-2020Online Quiz on National Mathematics Day
22-12-2020Victory Flame of 1971 War
21-12-2020Foundation course on General Awareness
21-12-2020Online Workshop on Health Is Wealth
21-12-2020Three Days Workshop On 360 Degree Enhancement Best Practices On Managerial And It Tools For The Non Teaching Staff
18-12-2020National webinar on Indian Agriculture: From Green Revolution to Evergreen Revolution
18-12-2020Career Counselling Session On Career in Bioinformatics
17-12-2020Training Programme on Professional Ethics for NonTeaching Staff
14-12-2020Online Workshop on “Yoga – A Way Towards Fitness”
14-12-2020Online Workshop on “Body Language: Not a Fringe in Communication”
14-12-2020Training Program on Sustainable Biowaste Management through Vermitechnology under Atmanirbhar Bharat Campaign
14-12-2020Training on Basic Survival issues during Corona Pandemic
11-12-2020Four Week Industrial Training
11-12-2020International Webinar: Research and Scope in Biotechnology
10-12-2020Online Poster Making and Webinar on Human Rights Day
10-12-2020Online Awareness Programme on Hygiene and Sanitation
10-12-2020A National webinar on Human Rights Day
07-12-2020Online Induction Programme
05-12-2020Expert Lecture & Quiz Competition on World Soil Day
03-12-2020International Webinar: Covid19: Virology, Pathogenesis And Containment
01-12-2020Swachta Pakhwara Abhiyaan
November, 2020
26-11-2020Expert Lecture & Quiz Competition-2020
26-11-2020Expert Lecture & Quiz Competition on National Milk Day
26-11-2020Indian Cuisine Fest
26-11-2020Webinar on Occasion of Constitution Day
26-11-2020Webinar on “Importance of Constitution in Present Scenario”
24-11-2020International Webinar on Effect of Agnihotra on Environment and Farming
24-11-2020Investor Awareness Webinar on “Future of Financial Management & COVID-19”
23-11-2020Design Thinking By Allsoft
23-11-2020Training Programme on “Building a Better Teacher”
12-11-2020Webinar on Artificial Intelligence
11-11-2020Workshop on Career Counselling (Intermediate Level)
11-11-2020Quiz Competition on “National Education Day”
11-11-2020Quiz Competition on National Education Day
11-11-2020Session on Statistical Designing Approach for Enhancement of Product Yield
11-11-2020Training program on Written Communication
09-11-2020Workshop on Career Counselling (Beginner Level)
08-11-2020Guest Lecture on NEP2020
06-11-2020Training Workshop on “Time Management”
04-11-2020Experience the benefits of Machine Learning
04-11-2020Enrollment of First Year Cadets
04-11-2020Workshop by Training Basket on Machine Learning
October, 2020
31-10-2020National Unity day (Online)
28-10-2020Training program on Time Management
24-10-2020National Webinar on Strategies for Managing Personal Finance including Mutual Fund during and after COVID-19.
21-10-2020Quiz Competition under “Mission Shakti”
17-10-2020Mission Shakti Phase-I
16-10-2020World Food Day
15-10-2020How to write Answers in Judicial Competitive Exams-IV
15-10-2020World Food Day-2020
14-10-2020How to write Answers in Judicial Competitive Exams-III
13-10-2020How to write Answers in Judicial Competitive Exams-II