Activities @ IFTM University

DatesName of ProgrammeMore Info (If Any)
November, 2020
23-11-2020Design Thinking By Allsoft
23-11-2020Training Programme on “Building a Better Teacher”
12-11-2020Webinar on Artificial Intelligence
11-11-2020Workshop on Career Counselling (Intermediate Level)
11-11-2020Quiz Competition on “National Education Day”
11-11-2020Quiz Competition on National Education Day
11-11-2020Session on Statistical Designing Approach for Enhancement of Product Yield
11-11-2020Training program on Written Communication
09-11-2020Workshop on Career Counselling (Beginner Level)
08-11-2020Guest Lecture on NEP2020
06-11-2020Training Workshop on “Time Management”
04-11-2020Experience the benefits of Machine Learning
04-11-2020Enrollment of First Year Cadets
04-11-2020Workshop by Training Basket on Machine Learning
October, 2020
31-10-2020National Unity day (Online)
28-10-2020Training program on Time Management
24-10-2020National Webinar on Strategies for Managing Personal Finance including Mutual Fund during and after COVID-19.
21-10-2020Quiz Competition under “Mission Shakti”
17-10-2020Mission Shakti Phase-I
16-10-2020World Food Day
15-10-2020How to write Answers in Judicial Competitive Exams-IV
15-10-2020World Food Day-2020
14-10-2020How to write Answers in Judicial Competitive Exams-III
13-10-2020How to write Answers in Judicial Competitive Exams-II
12-10-2020How to write Answers in Judicial Competitive Exams-I
10-10-2020E-Lecture on ”Women Safety Need & Perspective”
07-10-2020Guest Lecture on Education in Pendamic Era Covid
06-10-2020Preparation for NET JRF SRF UPCATET and other competetive examination
06-10-2020Advanced course on Quantitative Aptitude
06-10-2020“WAR OF WORDS” – The Intra Departmental Online Debate Competition 2020 on “Impact of COVID-19 on Education System in India”
05-10-2020General Awareness about Internet in Application
05-10-2020Course on Logical Reasoning & General Awareness
02-10-2020Online Video Speech Competition
02-10-2020Online Video Speech Competition on Topic Manav Jeevan Satya Evam Ahinsa
02-10-2020150th birth anniversary celebration of Mahatama Gandhi (Online)
September, 2020
26-09-2020NPTEL Awareness Online Workshop.
25-09-2020World Pharmacist Day
25-09-2020Online World Pharmacist Day -Quiz and e poster competition
25-09-2020“SHABDA” - The Intra Departmental Online Essay Writing Competition 2020 on “Ek Bharat- Shreshtha Bharat”
24-09-2020NSS day celebration 2020 (Online)
23-09-2020One Week Faculty Development Programme on Impact of Covid19 Pandemic on Educations
16-09-2020Online Poster presentation on “Save Ozone layer”
16-09-2020Online Poster presentation with theme Save Ozone layer
14-09-2020Jan Andolan campaign Covid 19 (Online)
07-09-2020Webinar on National Education Policy (NEP) 2020: A Path to Self Reliance India
05-09-2020Essay Writing Competition on Teachers Days
01-09-2020GATE Training Classes I
August, 2020
28-08-2020Two Day Workshop on Digital Awareness
26-08-2020Two days workshop on Internet and Email
17-08-2020One Week Online Faculty Development Programme on Essentials on Entreprenuership
15-08-2020Fit India Campaign 2020
13-08-2020Advance Course session for Career counseling and guidance for B. Pharm students
07-08-2020Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Part-1
06-08-2020OnlineWebinar on Dietary and Lifestyle Change during COVID19 Pandemic
03-08-2020Classes for Prepration of GPAT Drug Control Officer DI Govt Pharmacist
July, 2020
31-07-2020Online Webinar on Climate change and its Impact on Phenology of Plants
17-07-2020Computer Aided Drug Design
June, 2020
30-06-2020Innovative trends in phytopharmacology
29-06-2020Online IT Skills Development Programme for Non teaching staff
26-06-2020Online Session on Institutionalisation of IQAC in Revised Assessment Framework of NAAC
21-06-2020Yoga for Spirit, Mind and Body
21-06-2020International Yoga Day
15-06-2020Online Training on Safety measures during COVID19
10-06-2020Two days workshop on Microsoft Excel
05-06-2020Environment Day (Online)
05-06-2020Tree Plantation Drive
01-06-2020Online Training Program on Skill Development
May, 2020
25-05-2020Online Training Course on Introduction to C Programmming
20-05-2020Guest Lecture on Role of material science in protection of environment against Corona infection
18-05-2020“ONLINE QUIZ COMPETITION” (COVID-19 Awareness)
16-05-2020Internet of Things By CETPA Infotech
16-05-2020IoT Webinar By CEPTA Infotech
13-05-2020Training Programme on Stress and Time Management Practices for NonTeaching Professionals
03-05-2020A Guest Lecture Online on Freedom of Speech and Expression
April, 2020
08-04-2020Online Poster Competition on Contribution of Indian Scientists
03-04-2020Qurantine Center during Covid19 Pandemic
March, 2020
13-03-2020Faculty Development Programme on Data Science using Python
10-03-2020Capacity development programme on Working Ethics & Hospitality
10-03-2020Capacity Development and Skills Enhancement Initiatives Working Ethics & Hospitality
06-03-2020Faculty Development Program on “Teaching Through Simulation Games”
05-03-2020Lecture on Work Etiquette, Ethics and Values
05-03-2020International Women Day
04-03-2020Scope, Opportunities and Challenges in Industrial Pharmaceutical Career
04-03-2020Traffic Awareness-Human Chain Event
04-03-2020Speech Competition and Poster Making Competition on International Women’s Day
04-03-2020Webinar on Water Proofing and Soil Stabilization Using Modern Injection System
03-03-2020Use and Benefits of Personnel Protective Equipment's during Covid Pandemic 2020
02-03-2020Workshop on Career opportunities in Biotechnology and Food Technology Industries
02-03-2020Tree Plantation Programme To Celebrate World Earth Day
02-03-2020A Workshop on Use of Technology in Teaching Learning Process
01-03-2020Kutumb -2
01-03-2020A workshop on Career Opportunities in Biotechnology & Food Technology Industries.
February, 2020
29-02-2020Regarding C Certificate Exam for 9 UP Girls Bn NCC.
29-02-2020Regarding CATC Camp.
29-02-2020Regarding Celebration of International Yoga Day
29-02-2020Regarding New Enrollment for NCC
28-02-2020 Rangoli Competition on the Theme: Women in Science
28-02-2020Science Day Celebration 2020 Theme Women in Science
27-02-2020Flora Expo 2020
26-02-2020INNOVATIKA 2020 (Project, Model & Poster Presentation)